Invest in a talented, cross-disciplinary Team with a special mission

Make your core telemetry transmission sustainable and accessible worldwide trough a patented protocol aimed to minimise the impact that computational power and supercomputing techniques may have on Planet Earth

Real time situation awareness


Detection on multiple layers 


Real time digital forensics


Multiple updates per day


Optimise your customer security in a sustainable way

Build privacy-walls around your customers on the top of one of the best and most innovative SIaaS solution on the market

Self Service

Zero onboarding time

Pay as you go

Upscale and downscale according to your needs

SDK available

Non-sabotable telemetry

Mannaro X-SOC relies on a patented technology  that allows alerts delivery to be granularly monitored across the world while being sent out using a dynamic carrier pathway identification system: We don't allow undelivered messages, even if the Internet is down or under attack (including 5G, 4G, 3G networks, etc.) This means that our communications are fail-safe, fully resilient and doesn't rely on the traditional data transmission mediums in case of emergency, therefore cannot be sabotated.