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Diego D'Ermoggine

Ethical Mediator | Product Manager

"Numbers measure reality and allow us to penetrate its meaning"

– Pythagoras of Samos

"Numbers measure reality and allow us to penetrate its meaning"

– Pythagoras of Samos

Diego is an expert in marketing and business strategies, international trading and institutional relationships, leveraging his degree in Law from University of Florence and an MBA from School of Business Management (SAA) in Turin. He has developed a wide international experience over the years with special focus on the European and Brazilian market.

Aside his partnership with the legal and commercial firm in Milan "Casali & Partners", Diego co-founded "Brasil Meeting Points", a well known São Paulo based consultancy firm. In the same country he bootstrapped "Cebrasse", the biggest association of local entrepreneurs that currently counts more than one million of affiliates, where he covers the role of director.

Promoter of fine-art exhibitions since '05, Diego was recently appointed as international business development manager by "Movie On", a London based media production and distribution company. Expert in internationalisation processes, Diego is now part of PrivaByte Inc.,  assisting financial, telcos, IT and manufacturing companies during all the stages of our ethical mediations.

Norma Audi / Consultora at NACE

I recommend Diego as a great work partner, strategic, objective and with easy-going in interpersonal skills. Always focused and at the forefront of events and possibilities, he builds bridges between people and companies from different nations, facilitating the understanding and the achievement of excellent results.


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