WHY WE INVEST “Most of the people see life either black or white, some of them notice the grey and just few dare to combine all the three and see the beautiful contrast. Still, is in their hands to take the brush and add their own brush-strokes.”

Our business model explained: Startups as mediation modules

Our organisation strategy is aimed at improving operational efficiency by reducing redundant processes and consequently privacy risks. A mediation module is an acquired startup, reshaped into an interoperable, modular and self-contained system.   Each one of our modules become then a microservice with state of the art security mechanisms, that's why our software architecture approach focuses on a separation of functionalities into many independent systems. Our final products are complete logical system as a result of the synergy of many smaller entities interconnected via our BALLISTICS™ unified backend, and that can be managed through a unified mediation modules programming interface (UMM-API).

Right now we have opportunities still available for being offered to accredited partners

The accreditation requirement seeks to ensure that partners have sufficient knowledge to understand the promoted product in relation to the prospective of investment. 

There are not publicly offered opportunities available to the general investing public.

Pushing fast growth

PrivaByte Inc. and Resilient Technologies S.L. are delighted to announce the establishment of a joint venture to further expand their long-standing working relationship with the aim of strengthening their combined resources to further support profitable revenue growth for clients and partners

Our mission: "To bring our customers the highest certainty coefficient at light-speed" to make highly-informed decisions on the fly!

Through the recently consolidated Team, we  are ready to launch  an innovative technology for Advanced Data Analytics  and Synthetic case-data Generation, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence Generative Systems and a proprietary Multidimensional Data Processing module for Adversarial Network Management

How to become an accredited partner

If you are interested in investing in opportunities that are only open to accredited partners, there are a few steps you will have to take and documents to have handy: • Bank statements • Brokerage accounts • Your credit report to disclose liabilities • Business ownership documentation such as tax filings along with an operating agreement • Certain third-party statements from acceptable institutions • Proof of knowledge or professional certifications Once your request has been submitted, one of our ethical mediator will review it. If approved, your accreditation will be typically valid for one year or until the next tax day (if you verify via income)   

What's in the partner's package

Minimal initial investment (zero risk with the full repayment option)

Option for a full repayment of the initial investment in the event of returns lower than expected within the first year

Increase in discount on products based on business volume

Sustainable purchasing

We drive innovation by connecting the brightest minds! This Company created the idea of shopping with less negative impact on the environment, giving you a real tool for saving money being mindful about the way you shop and buy items and services online

Reducing emissions by shifting to an alternative way to buy

We are proud to be consistently supporting a Team focused on the mitigation of global climate change through an application that will significantly boosts the global economy. This is a win-win Company that will ensure cleaner air, water, and food for our generation and for generations yet to come

Sign a non disclosure agreement

We are innovators so you will access a number of non-public-domain information.

Ramp up

You are ready to onboard your first customer in 48 hours from providing the required documentation.


We'd love to hear from you and we'll come back with the first calendar slot available!

Learn, earn, share!

(*) Our customers can decide where to address donations. PrivaByte Inc. is committed in reaching out a yearly target of 13% of revenues devoted to philanthropy.